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5″- 6″ K Gutter


Available in aluminum, steel or copper, Rain Guard creates and installs 5” or 6” K-style gutters, also known as ogee gutters, in whatever lengths needed. Steel is a step above the other materials because it provides better strength and can be color matched.

Downspouts are available in either 2”x3” or 3”x4” to handle any amount of rainfall.

For a clean, trim look, our corners are hand cut from the gutter material and pop riveted together, which creates only one seam per corner.

Bad weather can wreak havoc on gutters, but Rain Guard gutters have heavy duty brackets that provide the extra strength needed to keep your gutters in place in high winds and heavy rain or snow.

For maximum holding power and better leak prevention, Rain Guard uses screws rather than spikes to install your gutters. Screws hold more than 700 pounds as opposed to 250 pounds for nails, and due to the tendency of wood fibers to return to their original position after a screw or nail is inserted, screws are pulled in tighter to the structure while nails are pushed out, which makes using screws a better guard against leaks.

Rain Guard is able to customize any aspect of your guttering job. Whatever your guttering needs, Rain Guard has the solution!