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The Guard

The Guard Will Prevent Damage To:

  • Your Landscape & Lawn
  • Your Walls, Fascia & Soffit
  • Your Foundation
  • Your Basement or Crawl Space


Keep the clutter out of your gutter and your feet on the ground with The Guard from Rain Guard. The Guard helps prevent water damage to your crawl spaces, basement and foundation, walls, fascia and soffitt and landscaping and lawn.


Backed by a lifetime transferable warranty and installed by our expert technicians, The Guard has five key components that make it the best option to keep your gutters clear:

A-As water nears the gutter, specially designed ridges slow and spread the water.

B-Due to the science of surface tension, the rainwater wraps around the nose of the system and flows into the gutter while debris washes off The Guard and falls away from your house. This surface tension is the same reason water clings to the outside of a glass when placed under a running faucet.

C-Rainwater enters the preset gap between The Guard and the gutter while debris falls away, handling even the heaviest rainfall. The Guard also keeps birds, squirrels and other animals out of your gutters.

D-Attached to your roof for maximum strength and durability, The Guard is fastened using an ice and water shield membrane and a rubber washer, and installation of The Guard WILL NOT damage the roof.

E-Available in many colors to match your home, The Guard is manufactured out of heavy duty aluminum or copper and installed over any full sized new or existing guttering.

Installation includes brackets that eliminate the possibility of The Guard being blown off by strong winds, which also reinforces your existing gutters.

Purchasing The Guard means your last gutter cleaning is free of charge. Plus, we will inspect all of your current guttering before installing The Guard. Call Rain Guard today to prevent water damage, improve the value of your home and keep your feet safely on the ground by installing The Guard.

The Guard's Transferable Warranty:
*1 year of coverage on labor from original installation date
*20 year coverage on material by manufacturer
*Lifetime coverage for performance for as long as you own the home and can be transferred to the new owner at the time the house is sold
*Warranty is not prorated and does not have any non-standard exclusions