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How The Guard Works

How "The Guard" Works


A The specially designed ridges slow and spread the water as it nears the gutter.

B Rainwater wraps around the nose of the system because of the physical law of surface tension. This is the same principle that explains water clinging to the outside of a glass when placed under a running faucet.

C Rainwater enters through the preset gap, designed to handle the heaviest rain fall while keeping leaves, debris, birds, squirrels and other animals out.

D The Guard is attached to the roof and guttering for the maximum strength possible. All fasteners on the roof are doubly protected with an ice and water shield membrane and a rubber washer. Installation WILL NOT damage the roof.

E The Guard is manufactured out of heavy duty aluminum material and is available in many colors to match your guttering or roof.

F The Guard is installed over any full sized guttering. The brackets we use not only eliminates the possibly of The Guard  being blown off by strong winds, it reinforces your existing gutters.


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